Agricultural Management System


Agriculture Management System (AMS), has been designed to manage the life cycle of crop for agribusiness companies, factories, agriculture institutes and large scale farms. This software enables agribusiness companies to manage good quality, consistent, adequate, and on-time supply of crop by helping to manage and monitor all aspects of cultivation, monitoring, harvesting and financial part of crop.

AMS is transforming the agriculture industry by bringing the best practices of the business in agriculture. AMS is helping companies and farmers to make smart decisions, on time, every time.

AMS includes following modules

Ams Coverage

Key Highlights:

Best Business Practices:

AMS brings in the best practices for Agriculture business for managing crop lifecycle, which evolved from our experience of 10+ years in 100+ companies across the world.

360 control on crop:

AMS lets you have complete control on crop, so as to ensure that you get maximum yield from each field. It covers everything - keeping track of dates for various agri processes to be done, computing quantities of various inputs like seed, fertilizer, pesticides, scheduling harvesting, planning for labor, and organizing transport.

Lesser Cost:

Now spend less and save more. We have developed AMS to optimize all processes in order to minimize manpower and material inputs.

Water Management:

AMS comes with inbuilt water supply functionality which helps large farms to manage water supply of their farms.

Higher Productivity:

AMS emphasizes on higher productivity. It brings transparency in the system and helps companies to focus on productivity.

Complete Costing & Accounting:

AMS tracks all costs in & out of field so you know exactly what it costs you to get your raw material in the factory. AMS includes farmer's complete accounting, as well as labor, contractors, & transporters accounts, with facility of e-payments.

Integration with SAP and Other International ERPs:

AMS seamlessly interfaces with ERP solutions like SAP as well as many other international ERP products so as to ensure that both the products work together as an integrated system.

Some more highlights:

  • Emphasizes on factory Farmer relationship.
  • Full automation of all cultivation processes.
  • 360 control on crop.
  • Provides information to farmers through Farmer Portal
  • Increases efficiency and improves effectiveness
  • Get reports anytime you want.
  • Maximize crop yield.
  • Centralized database to access real time information
  • SAP and Other ERP international integration.
  • Water Management

Hundreds of clients with diverse needs have provided the experience which was needed to keep AMS at the cutting edge. AMS just keeps getting more and more powerful, and more and more useful.