As a pioneer in mining industry, we deliver ideal products and solutions. Amity Software Inc. leads the products with better innovations and making good solutions to clients.

Our Products and Solutions

We are providing following products and solutions on Mining industry,

  • Fleet Management System
  • Fuel Management System
  • Smart Weighing/ Unmanned Weighing

Fleet Management System

We have been working in the area of GPS and fleet management for a couple of years and have developed a deep understanding of handling of large volumes of data generated from a large fleet of vehicles on the move 24x7 and serving a large audience of users accessing the system from various devices like desktops and mobile devices. more...

Fuel Management System

We develop and design fuel management system to improve the vehicle system and it easily identifies the fuel management on vehicles through GPS/GPRS. It provides following advantages.

  • Identifies the fuel management in vehicles.
  • Easily identifies the fuel balance in vehicles and making appropriate solutions earlier.
  • Through GPS/GPRS, we can track the vehicle.

Smart Weighing

We deliver a successful weighing hardware for agriculture products/material weighing, following information has explained regarding our Smart weighing system (SWS). more...