PULSE in an international quality standard ERP software. It has an integrated Accounting software package prevailing in the current market and being sold as ERP. PULSE has been specifically designed and developed for the process industries like Sugar by the people who understand Sugar Industries requirements and have been developing system for Sugar Industry for more than 10 years. PULSE incorporates both PLANNING as well as ACCOUNTING. The User is not supposed to learn the back-end databases or front-end programming languages. All the required operations, including Database Structure modifications and Back-ups are done through PULSE interface only, eliminating the need of trained & expensive Database Administrator. However the Implementation & Customization is done through PULSE interfaces only, which eliminates the need for any Programming work in the field. This ERP software has been designed keeping in mind the customer's present and future commitments and business requirements.

Key Advantages of ERP PULSE

  • All the required essentials like reports/forms, editors are in-built in this ERP. This helps in the maintenance of PULSE comparatively very easy.
  • We can add new requirements or customize it as per requirements without any complex programming effort.
  • PULSE is platform independent, which insures your ROI.
  • It incorporates in-built powerful security features allowing access to information and programs on need-to-know basis.
  • Various modules can be implemented simultaneously or at different times as per the needs of the customer, this doesn't affect integration even if the implementation is staggered on different points of time.
  • The unique design of PULSE allows porting of PULSE on new front-ends and platforms very easily. It also ensures that the process of enhancement and customization the main processing logic is not disturbed.
  • Handling upgrades to new versions does not affect any customization.