Query by Mobile System (QMS)

What it is?

Query By Mobile System(QMS) is the functionality that provides the communication through SMS on mobile system and it can be used in many way with more advantages that we provide in it. This could help people to clarify the problems through SMS Services.

Why it is?

The following functionality that we provide on mobile solutions and that can be more easier to communicate with customer needs and trend can be developed through customer satisfactions. The following functionality on Mobile solutions,

SMS based query mobile system

This system is mainly used to communicate with the customers and more way it can be used.

It can be easier on solving the problems on customers with providing relevant information's through SMS.

This is quite easier and more interactive too. suggestions can be sent through SMS and it can be resolved with the relevant solutions

Advantages of Mobile Solutions

  • SMS based service
  • High responsive
  • Time Management is easier
  • Reducing cost and getting more information's.