Recycling & Farm Industry Solutions

Amity provides the followings products and solutions for Recycling and farm industry.

  • Weighcycle is a process that innovated and produced by Amity to work on recycling.
  • Agriculture Management System (AMS) is the process of making farm development and management of factory details and agronomy for fields and the farms.


This is a software solution for Conservation centers for US market in line with State and Federal laws. It requires integration of identities of both manpower as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and CRV items. It conforms to State Conservation Laws and generates statutory reports as required.

Agriculture Management System

The Agricultural management System has been designed for handling the entire process cycle of an agricultural crop. From the procurement of the crop, to its analysis, monitoring, generation of reports and financial details, the AMS is integrated with an underlying workflow engine, based on user-defined parameters. AMS allows an improved focus on employee productivity due to availability of the 'Job Queue' section, which lists out the daily work schedule for each module use. AMS incorporates powerful security features allowing access to information and programs on need-to-know basis. Read More