Smart Value Plus

Cross Loyalty

Smart Value Plus is a product launched by Amity Software Inc. for Shopping Malls, encapsulating cross loyalty, e-purse and parking products together. The product has been designed to enhance brand image of shopping mall and bring shoppers closer to mall by providing enhanced value proposition.

Shopper can not only accumulate loyalty points earned but also redeem by getting equivalent amount credited to e-purse by making purchases at any member outlet. It allows shopper to have 'Primary' as well as 'Secondary' cards.


  • Whenever a Value/Value Plus shopper purchases using e-Purse at merchant outlet, authenticity is verified through a PIN.
  • Transaction details are stored into shopper card. Loyalty points are calculated and updated on card. Similarly details are stored into Smart Merchant Card.
  • Data pertaining to transactions, made with Smart Cards at merchant outlets, is transferred to the Mall Administrator Module using Smart Merchant Card.
  • Transactions are cleared. Card as well as merchant accounts are updated.
  • Periodic Statements and other MIS reports are generated at the Mall Management Office.