Smart Weighment System

We are the largest provider of weighing hardware across the country. We also have designed unmanned weighing software which helps companies to reduce cost and remove manual errors.

Smart Weighing System (SWS)/ Unmanned Weighing System

The Smart Weighing System (SWS) automates the weighing operation in the agricultural industries, incorporating cutting edge RFID technology. It has been designed along Workflow, followed in these industries.

The Smart Weighing System has been developed with the following objectives

  • Reduce document handling, with issuance of Radio Tokens
  • Provide transparency in transactions as it is a computerized system , so malpractices are eliminated
  • Enhance cost efficiency, as there is a reduction in man power.


The Smart Weighing System (SWS) comprises of the following System Components and their corresponding Software Modules, some of which may be added as and when required:

  • Entry Token Station
  • Gross Weighing Station
  • Crop Carrier Station
  • Tare Weighing Station
  • Self Help Station
  • Document Collection Station

Features of SWS

  • Increase in Productivity: It has been observed that number of vehicles weighed is increased by 25% - 30%.
  • Transactions are electronic, so accurate and error free.
  • SWS allows photographic capture of vehicles, so malpractices are further eliminated.
  • SWS facilitates control of traffic flow in the factory/company.